Styriam ICC Image Compressor

On behalf of Styriam sp. z o.o. I would like to present Styriam ICC Image Compressor addon.

This addon allows to:

  • Compress PNG/JPEG files with OptiPNG/mozJPEG libraries
  • Compress all textures of selected objects and/or convert PNGs to JPEGs
  • Attach ICC color profile to PNG/JPEG image and or convert to sRGB space. It is especially helpful to people using wide-gamut monitors to make saved renders look in other programs the same way as in Blender.
  • Export GIF animations with PIL or FFMPEG (better quality). You can choose to convert color space from display to sRGB when doing so.

Recently released version 1.1.0 adds new features:

  • ICC profiles can be attached to 8/16-bit PNG, TIFF, JPEG2000, JPEG
  • Batch compression (MozJPEG and OptiPNG) now preserves ICC profiles

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The addon’s got a major improvement: appending ICC profile to WebP.
Also, don’t miss recent quality of life improvements.

Styriam ICC Image Compressor has proven to be quite a help for Adobe Premiere users with Macs or wide gamut monitors. If you’re using PNGs in your pipeline and want them to look the same in Blender and the video editor, this may be the solution for you.


  • ICC profile can be appended to WebP
  • Bugfix: error when exporting GIF to missing directory


  • New dependencies manager with logging to a new window
  • GIF export is now responsive
  • Gif frame rate is now tied to scene frame rate and frame step
  • FFMPEG for GIF exporting is now searched for in PATH environment variable so full path is not necessary, if it is present there
  • Fixed problem with empty ICC profile name created by Exiv2
  • Bugfixes involving image saving dialog

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