Sub Object Selection Problems

hey everyone, I have searched around the forums, and the frequently asked questions thread, and I haven’t been able to dig up an answer to this problem…
So, curious if anyone else has run in to it and solved it!

My problem is, when i enter mesh mode, Blender appears to have an issue sorting out which vert/edge/poly I am attempting to click on…
Here’s a video illustrating the problem:

I have tested this with VBO on and off, as well as on multiple computers. Also, I have seen this on all of the latest alpha/betas of blender, as well as the svn builds on graphic all. I don’t know enough about Blender to brute force my way through this issue… and not being able to select sub objects is really putting a block on further blender exploring…

So, hopefully someone has seen this issue before, any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

That sure looks like a bug, did you make a bug report? I have noticed difficulty selecting in object mode if the object is far away, kind like a clipstart for the clicker

I recall others describing a similar issue but cannot remember if they found a solution.
The first thing I would check is if there is a more recent driver for you graphics card.

Hey guys, thank you for such a quick response. I’ll definitely try and get to the bottom of the issue. I’ll go the updating drivers, changing the various buried driver settings, windows compatibility modes…

I just wanted to post and ask before I burn up a few evenings trying to narrow down the issue.

If I can’t get to the bottom of it, i’ll definitely submit it as a bug, i just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a well known issue :slight_smile:

thanks again guys!

Well go figure, it was my nvidia drivers. I must have updated both my home PC and my work PC to the same driver release. the funny thing is, both had been updated within the last month or so. But, good news is, I am no longer seeing that issue.

good to have it fixed, thanks guys!