Sub surfacing and rendering; a problem

I seem to be having a slight technical problem with sub surfacing and rendering.

Do you know how you can sub surface a mesh to varying degrees? Sub surfacing… how far you want to sub surface it… how much. Eh… think about that little numeric indicator. To elaborate; on “one”, it doubles the polygon count and makes things a little smoother. On “two” it quadruples it and it gets even smoother. On “three” it does it even more… so on and so forth… be careful not to turn it up much farther than five otherwise it will crash etc.


I seem to be having a problem with rendering and how far I tell it to sub surface. Sub surfacing works fine… it’s just I’ll sub surface it, say, to three or four, but the render shows it like it’s at two.

It looks nice and smooth when I have it in object or edit mode.

But when I render it, the mesh is BLOCKY.

Does anyone know what to do?

I can post pics of my problem if such is necessary.

The thing with subsurf is, there are two sets of “value boxes”, for want of a better word, that show the subsurfing level.
The wider box (which you probably changed) is the subsurfing done in object mode/edit mode.
The thinner box (to the right) is the value of subsurf during rendering.

Hopefully that’s the problem - just set the two boxes to the same thing, and you’ll see the same amount of subsurf in object mode and in renders.

Hey! It works. Arigato gozaimasu. :smiley: