Subdive a circle face in edit mode for displacement modifier

Good afternoon (o;

I want to model a paint can where the cover of it has an embossed logo…
doing this with a texture as displacement in a shader doesn’t create enough height for it to be recognized.:

So displacement modifier seems to be the way to go…but how can I cut the circle top face into small squares in edit mode so I have enough faces for the displacement to work?

thanks in advance for any ideas :slight_smile:

Suggestion… Model it using a screw modifier and bevels…far easier than trying to model in …
as you can see here there is just a few lines and vertices for the quick lid…8 vertices and 9 edges…

didn’t add the bevels…

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With Grid Fill.
Delete the Face from your Circle.

After Grid-Fill… merge Vertices by Distance.
Assign a Subdivision Surface Modifier if needed.

Okay…could replace the circle with a grid fill…

but seems I can’t scale the texture for displacement…only the offset…

Try this, Displacement Nightmares

Scalling, rotating and moving empties controls the texture.

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Wow…this is even better…many thanks :slight_smile:

Lots of modifiers to experiment with (o;

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Your welcome, I think the same trick will work with displacement modifier, but you might have to mess with it.

Think it didn’t turned out to bad…okay…the top cover is missing…I just palced the warp on the top of the can…

I only had a very small (512pxx512px) and not so clean picture, so it didn’t turn out so nice.