Subdivide and Hollow Side

I use Blender 2.40 and am learning using the older Blender 2.3 guide which is not proving to be a problem.

However, what I am having difficulty with is the following:

Basic cube
Subdivide once so now it is ‘4’
B Box select two left side cubes
X to remove using Vertices selection

Now when I look at the two remaining boxes on the right side, the cube is hollow on the left side where I removed the two cubes.

Appreciate any help, thank you.

Switch this button on just before you box select

you will then be able to select the back verts as well as the front ones

If i undertand you right, you want closed Cubes…

If so, you have to Select the vertices around the Opening and hit the f key to create a face.

Where do I find those buttons at? I think that’s what someone in another thread was telling me to do, but I don’t see those buttons anywhere… I just upgraded to 2.40.

they apear on the bottom of the 3dView if you are in edit mode (select a object and hit TAB)

Now I see them, had to make a new file though, I was working with lattice, and I guess it doesn’t come up if you have that selected or something. Kinda wierd, but thanks, I got it now!