Subdivision Modifier causes pinches

I don’t know how to get rid of the creases here - I’ve tried recalculating the normals and they’re all fine.
Any help would be appreciated?

Welcome :tada: ,
It may be better to show us your topology/wireframe ? Do you have quads only, some edge creases or unconnected faces or manifolds? And it is always good to show a screenshot with the object in question selected and the modifiers expanded so some may spot the error.

Thanks - just uploaded a better screenshot. Also they are all quads - don’t thing there are any unconnected faces or manifolds?
Appreciate your help!

It’s a bit difficult to read (with wireframe i meant some like edit mode and not true wireframe) but are ther edges between the outer geo ?? (in red)

That would make the vertex pinch inside…

That was the issue! Thanks!