Subdivision Surface in Edit-Mode

The Subdivision Surface is not displayed in Edit-Mode.

I wasn’t actually sure there had been times works.

Blender Build from today.

Modifiers are not working in edit mode yet.

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Thank you TheRedWaxPolice for your answer,

Then I don’t need to try any more.

I don’t now how they can make a beta until October,there is many things that need work

I wouldn’t mind an alpha 3 stage, and the beta in late november.

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The last post made on the code blog talks about modifier results in editmode being on the todo list (after the subsurf and multires modifiers are all hooked back up with the new OpenSubDiv code).

It covered seeing subsurf results anyway, I presume it’s the same for all of the other modifiers too.

I am so waiting for this - the moment this works 2.8 is in my two computer labs

I just downloaded 2.80 for the first time 2 days ago…been trying it out, looks great so far.
Can not seem to get subdivision working on default cube, found this thread.
Any one know what the status is on this work?

SDS is working here. Any screenshots?

Sorry, I should have been more specific, catmull_clark is working fine, but “Simple” seems to be not working.
View 2
Render 3

Do not know if this simple user error or bug or work to be continued?
A SS from 2.79b.

This is how it works

Oops…the file
simple sds.blend (587.6 KB)

Sorry, not sure what you mean…1st image or the 2nd.

The modifier is working as it should. The wireframe view is what needs some tweaks, I guess.

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Yes, that’s what I thought also, i see the 96 face count.
Strange the catmull clark works ok
Thanks for checking this out.
Guess a bug report might be in order?

in overlay put your wireframe to 1.000

Oh wow, would not have thought of that, thanks so much razin for the tip.
Just started checking out 2.8… for the past couple of days now.
Does this mean that OpenSubDiv is in now?
Thanks so much again for the tip.

Last I’ve read, OpenSubDiv is still a work in progress despite being in a somewhat usable state. What that means is that it’s not activated by default yet. but Sergey is on top of things and it will be ready by release time.

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I see, sounds like good news.
Thanks for the info Ace_Dragon.