Subdivision surface problem

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In this model I tried to apply subdivision to create a smoother topology for 3D print, but in the back something happens and even when I put the mean crease to 1, it doesn’t do a lot for the back (front looks a bit better). Also the front flat parts (ngon) I would like to smoothen/subdivide for 3D print, but doesn’t seem to work so far with the options I tried Subdivide, grid fill (no equal vertexes) or triangulate faces (weird shapes). Any suggestions?

Also my model appears black when I want to sculpt and on the internet people say this could be a face invert problem, but the alt M option doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas what caused this and how to solve it?

SL bevel 3D print8.blend (1.4 MB)

Are you selecting the whole object before subdividing, that may be the problem

I don’t know exactly that that’s the problem.

The topology of your model is pretty messy on places, with multiple unnecessary triangles. Subsurf won’t handle it well. Lucky for you, subsurf isn’t necessary as this mesh is already round and dense without it.

You can put a bevel on the flat parts ro sharpen the edge (select all edges around the flat spcem ctrl+B). That is, if the below is what you’re aiming for.

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what do you mean by “in the back something happens”? The topology is not very nice but I’m not sure there’s any problem, there are no flipped normals, maybe join some vertices to make sure that there are no overlapping faces:

It will be particularly necessary on the bottom if you plan to give your object a Subdivision Surface:

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yes I noticed after smoothing the vertices, that some quads changed into unnecessary triangles. Let’s see without the subsurf if it will be fine.

no, only the top part

In your image I don’t notice the same effect, but as you see in my images the vertices seem to connect and create a face in between.

when you join opposite vertices, use J (join), not F (fill), it may be your problem?