Subgroups & group visibility through Blender Outliner

Hi all.

I am wondering why there is no possibility to make a subgroup in Blender.
Second thing - why it is not possible to use “eye” in outliner for groups to hide/unhide objects in one group.

Both would be very usefull.

Do you think it is very difficult to write an addon for it?


you can parent objects to kind of create sub-groups.
(Un-)hiding groups via outliner can’t work, because it is mono-hierarchal and groups can have objects “overlapping” (like in a poly-hierarchy).


I think it’s possible because in Object menu -> Parent -> Object (ctrl P)
you can make a list of objects and with a loop, you can hide all this list.

import bpy 

hideObjects = 1
for obj in bpy.context.selected_objects: 
    obj.hide = hideObjects 

Kubeczek77 don’t want speak “group” but “child” in outliner.
I mean it’s possible to hide all child of a hierarchie with a script but I don’t know an actual add-on to make this.

But about Group, it’s possible to hide all elements of a group with outliner setup to “Group” (popup menu)
but it’s impossible to have sub-group!

Just a sub-child is possible in hierarchical outliner.

Does anybody? The sheer volume of objects visible in a mono-hierarchical list can be overwhelming.

Ctrl + Click?

Ha yes Thks CoDEmanX, I didn’t know that, very useful!