Hi, this was an interesting pic to make. The lighting was the hardest part, trying to get it to look like the sun is shining on the surface of the water.

Thanks to the ‘Bongo’s Environment’ tut for the light rays :wink:


Tell me a about it :smiley: did have the same prob with my sub to, but I solved it by putting the sub down to 100 mtr :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway looks really good, and kinda funny looking sub, but its great

You know, LLama it looks pretty good. Love the particle in the water effect, the top of the waves are well done. Pretty good effort, I would be happy with that.

If it was my sub the only thing I would do is add some sort of particle emitter to emulate water churning around the propellor, you know something like the old torpedo00.blend file.

Good :smiley: , but the light rays should be parallel.


Nice image, love how you did the sub