Substance Designer advanced nodes for Blender

Blender already has the base for material creation form scratch.
But many advanced nodes allowing lot more advanced creation are missing, like spawner and randomizer, or shapes modifications with gradients and many more.

Not saying Blender should be as good as Substance Designer, but will it get more advanced shader nodes for procedural textures creation ?

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I think they are currently working on the procedural stuff - I’m sure I’ve read something about it somewhere. But I did see some pretty bonkers stuff being made with nodes in Blender last year on Twitter. #Nodevember I believe was the tag - if you have Twitter, take a look.

It seems an awful lot is possible with what we have, it’s just having the knowledge to do it.

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Like this one

It’s gets too complicated with limited nodes available, it needs more basic features and some advanced nodes.

More nodes will be really welcome (spawners, masks, edges garident dither, edge offsets, and more) for advanced textures and make it as easy and fast similar to Substance Designer.

They start using Substance Designer for their rocks making, because it’s high quality results and it’s unimited variations once you made one texture.

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An overwhelming amount of math is necessary for a lot of those. In some cases the artist knew that math in other cases they purchased a node system that gave them a lot of utility nodes that removed a lot of the math overhead.

Most usefull nodes i used are not math and not available in Blender nodes.
Many mix modes, many clamp, spawners, geomtry shapes, advanced gradients, edges dither, height map nodes, bump mixing nodes, many more different noise and patterns generators; and lot more nodes that are work on texture and not math advanced.

I seen some cool Blender materials, but it’s too much Blender nodes needed because lot of nodes are missing, so it’s lot more work and work around compared to Substance Designer, sand many things are not possible in Blender shader editor nodes.

In Substance Designer you can make great materials without going advanced complex nodes.
Just using noiss generators, mix and masks nodes, random spawners and color ramps.
While Blender only have very few of those nodes and some does not exist in Blender.

While it could improve a lot if there was people working on it.