Substance Painter hegiht map texture is missing details in Blender (Low poly)

I made this texture in substance painter with some little details in the handle and handle protection:

But after exporting the textures and importing them in blender most of the details are missing:

You have to look very closely to see them, I set-up a principled bsdf with all the textures connected correctly and cycles as render engine.

Could this be because my model is very low poly? Or I am missing something?

Yes…a heightmap ( Displacement ) relies on geometry to add effect to your low-poly mesh…But it should be visible…
Here is a set of 3 planes with zero -3-10 subdivisions No sub-d modifier…

better result between zero and 3, but notice zero has an effect without subdivisions…
Did you change the setting in the Material Settings to Displacement or Bump and Displacement?

If you switch to the Cycles Experimental set (why is it still considered experimental anyway), then you can use adaptive subdivision in your modifier which will allow Cycles to determine how much to subdivide your geometry in order to achieve a proper look:

Changed it, and works, also set the Bump and Displacement like RSEhlers said. Thank you guys!