Substance Painter stopped working

Hello Gang!

Substance Painter has been pretty much an essential for me, until today.
The software now has a different Icon “Pt” and looks awful (how did they end up making it look like a MS Paint logo is beyond me).
But the actual problem is that I can no longer get it evaluate… I used to be able to just login using my account details and verify the license this way, or download a license file.

A) I have had to purchase Substance Painter now from a different developer… and I still can’t login, even though it’s the same account email.
B) On the developer’s site there is no license file which you can download.

Substance Painter is toast…
So I ended up contacting the support and they went like:

  • You have to download a different software to start it
  • I could access your computer and look into it

WTF?! Is this for real???

So no more one click and done, now I need to contact technicians to access my machine or download other software that has nothing todo with 3d painting?

I ended up contacting PayPal, got a refund and cancelled the subscription.
Something here really smells fishy. What happened to that Software?

Is there anyone else that has the same problem?
Where can I get Substance Painter from (the one made for Windows, that opens with one click)?

Or are there any alternatives? Money and learning something else is not the problem. I just need a working software.

Happy new year, guys!

edit: As it turns out, without external launcher app it does still show the old log-in mask when one tries to execute it individually, doh! I still find it a bit awkward to have a launcher. What is the point?

No issues for me, though i am using it for free…legally.