Substance Painter stopped working

Hello Gang!

Substance Painter has been pretty much an essential for me, until today.
The software now has a different Icon “Pt” and looks awful (how did they end up making it look like a MS Paint logo is beyond me).
But the actual problem is that I can no longer get it evaluate… I used to be able to just login using my account details and verify the license this way, or download a license file.

A) I have had to purchase Substance Painter now from a different developer… and I still can’t login, even though it’s the same account email.
B) On the developer’s site there is no license file which you can download.

Substance Painter is toast…
So I ended up contacting the support and they went like:

  • You have to download a different software to start it
  • I could access your computer and look into it

WTF?! Is this for real???

So no more one click and done, now I need to contact technicians to access my machine or download other software that has nothing todo with 3d painting?

I ended up contacting PayPal, got a refund and cancelled the subscription.
Something here really smells fishy. What happened to that Software?

Is there anyone else that has the same problem?
Where can I get Substance Painter from (the one made for Windows, that opens with one click)?

Or are there any alternatives? Money and learning something else is not the problem. I just need a working software.

Happy new year, guys!

edit: As it turns out, without external launcher app it does still show the old log-in mask when one tries to execute it individually, doh! I still find it a bit awkward to have a launcher. What is the point?

No issues for me, though i am using it for free…legally.

" Action Item: before September 30, 2022, please login to your account and download your invoices and, if applicable, any perpetual license keys. Note that your perpetual licenses will continue to work normally, and your license key files will allow you to re-activate the software if needed. However, the Substance Launcher will not be usable anymore."