Substance painter textures appear oversaturated in blender

I’ve been following the substance painter beginner’s tutorial on CGboost for the past couple of weeks now, and earlier today attempted to port some textures created in SP into blender using nodes. However, this was the result.

In blender, the textures I created, for lack of a better term, appear “oversaturated” the colors are off, the height is too detailed, and overall the lighting is a mess. I want to believe that this a mere lighting issue, and that the textures simply look better in SP’s HDRIs, but I will also note that I’m not sure if I’m inputting the nodes correctly. Maybe it could also be some sort of UV issue.

If anyone is more experienced in this than me (I literally just learned how to plug SP textures into blender today) I would greatly appreciate the support.

I should also probably note that the handle and the blade of the sword use different materials, and thus had different texture-sets in substance painter. However, in blender, they both appear to have a low-roughness. My current theory is that blender automatically did…something, to the mesh, but I really don’t know here.