Subsurf extra edges loop addon/modifer ?


While using the surbsurf modifier I found very annoying to add and adjust manually extra edges loop to control the roundness of edges.
Maybe it already exist somewhere but I wondered if something was available (addon ?) that could add automatically extra edges loop with a setting to tell the distance from the main edge ?

Somekind of function that say “mark edges for extra loop” then add a modifier that will add extra edges loop with a parameter to set the distance from the main edge ?

Sorry for english mistakes if so

Add crease values to selected edges
Add bevel modifier and set bevel weight to selected edges

… or the bevel modifier with bevel wights :slight_smile: [witch was previously mentioned… where is that delete post button :-P]

OpenSubdiv with high quality creases will solve this problem in a better way, eliminating the need to create extra edge loops altogether.

Reviving this old thread.

Creases are a great way to create lightweight, clean subdivision meshes. The problem starts when it comes to exporting these into other DCCs.
I know there are formats like FBX and Alembic that could technically export creased edges, but this feature isn’t supported by Blender currently, right?