Subsurf in Blender 2.40

Helo all!

I’m new to Blender and I’ve just updated to version 2.40. As I can see there isn’t a “Subsurf” button in “Mesh” panel, just like in version 2.31, for example…
The question is: how can I subsurf (take the same action) in v2.40?

Thank you very much, and sorry cause I am brasilian and my english is very basic!

In F9 Buttons window, add Modifier, Subsurf.


Thank you very much Fligh %! :smiley:
By the way: are there many differences between Blender 2.31 and 2.40? Because I am reading the manual, and some session are relevant to Blender 2.31, 2.35, etc. and I am using v2.40.

Thank you!

Some, not many, in the greater scheme of things. If you’re working at learning thru the manual you might find it easier with 2.31 as the GUI is the same as the examples in the manual. You can have both 2.31 and 2.40 running at the same time though you’ll have to start one of them from the home folder as only one can have a shortcut icon.


are there many differences between Blender 2.31 and 2.40

Al the changes and additions from 2.30 till 2.40 can be found in the ReleaseLogs.

Thank you people! :smiley: