subsurf messes my mesh :(

how do i prvent thins form happening?:

messed near the edges…

Don’t use triangles.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, then don’t have one vertex connected to so many polygons.

I’m probably way off, but you could try a Remove Doubles or a Recalc Normals…

You don’t. That is simply the way the SubSurf calculates the mesh. What are you trying to achieve?


What I usually do to avoid this problem is extrude the bottom part downward a tiny amount, then shrink the new, extruded circle a small amount.

Or trying adding an edgeloop around the cone, very close to the poing, that will make those triangles quads, you could then to to the 'poin’t and clean that up by converting triangles to quads.

The triangles are the problem, so you have to make quads where you get those ugly edges after SubSurf. Try the following:

1 Create a cone.
2. While still in Edit mode and all Vertices selected, press Shft-K->midpoints, and draw a line over all topedges of the cone. This will create an extra edgeloop.
3. For the Bottom part we’re doing something similar. Deselect all vertices and then select only the vertices of the bottompart. Press Shft-K->Midpoints, and draw a circle around the center of the bottompart. This will create an extra edgeloop.
4. Now the triangles between the newly created edgeloops have to be converted to quads. Select the vertices of the new edgeloops and all vertices between them. Then press Alt-J to convert the triangels to quads.

That should do it.