Subsurf problem - HELP

I’m doing some job for my school project and in 1 scene (file) I have problem with subsurf modifier, when I add it, nothing happens. If I try apply it, it writes

Modifier is disabled, skipping apply

Other modifiers look they work, and Subsurf in other files as well, but in this case, I have no idea where is the problem.

Here is the example

Please help me.


I’m unable to open your file but it sounds like you have the View Subdivisions set to zero so it’s having no effect on your object.

ee, I can set it to whatever I want, but it still doesn’t work

Is it possible that original file is corrupted and that is the cause of this problem? but I’m opening it normally. hmm that’s strange.

Confirmed, looking into it now.

Your file has scene simplification enabled. To fix, go to the Scene properties, Simplify panel, and either raise the maximum subdivision level or disable the Simplify checkbox.

You have simplify turned on.

Edit : bah too slow :slight_smile:

aj my bad, sorry for that thread and THANKS nicholasbishop