Subsurface has blue hue

Hi guys,

I’m trying to make a bowl of steamed rice. When I apply subsurface, my rice has blue hue on it. This is apparent when the rice clumped together. As you can see in the picture attached, the bigger rice (the original) doesn’t have any blue hue on it. May I know how to fix this?


Hello, maybe share the part of your file?

Your subsurface radius is too high for an object the size of a grain of rice. Try something like 0.004 instead of 1.0


Here you go.

Tried that but its making the rice looks too flat. I also tried making the bowl of rice bigger than the original, its removing the blue hue but making it a bit darker between the cavities.

weird because I don’t have the same result here:


Ehh? What’s happening here. :astonished:

two issues.

  1. your sss radius was not balanced. rice doesn’t contain blood so it shouldn’t have a higher red radius. make each colour channel the same and the tint goes away.

  2. your rice grains are huge, and the scatter radius is calculated on the instancing geometry, not the particle instances (maybe this should be considered a bug?) either way, to see appropriate diffusion, make sure this value is cranked to the scale of the grain geometry (2 gave me some rice-y looking results).

edit: scale issue is cycles related. if using eevee, sss is calculated in screen space so you can keep more sane values.


Hey, I followed your advice for the sss radius and it works! Though its a bit dark but increasing the transmission value for render made it a little bit brighter and look more rice-ish. I also made the whole setup follow the real world scale to have a better result. Thanks!

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