Subsurface scattering


I made some tests with the Subsurface scattering trying to reproduce the translucidity of materials like jade, marble, milk, … I used several scripts found on or via the Makehuman web site. The scripts are really nice at all and the result is not bad. The problem is that they use vertex illumination and it should be recalculated as soon as the light configuration changes. Is there a way to define such material behaviors in Blender 2.40, is it something which will be provided in a future version ?
Anyway C&C are welcome, please do not pay attention to the composition, this was not the purpose of this test.

Something like this can be done in yafray via editing the XML file, but it takes very long to render.

An example i did few months ago for testing (pretty low quality, but took like 20 minutes to render…)


The effect is like expected, but it takes so long time to render, I got my image in 1024x768 after 15 min and if we have to change the Yafray XML file, it’s not as practical as the script provided. But the interesting thing is that Yafray has this functionality, if Blender could provide a way to define that property it should be easy to use it.

BTW Thanks for the information