Subsurfacing: Looping without creasing.

I am in the midst of creating an organic character and therefore using subsurfacing heavily. The character has two eye stalks protruding from its head (see 1st image). The eye stalk is part of the same mesh as the character. It is a simple triangle extrusion with another extrusion loop going back down to form the socket (see 2nd image).

The problem arises when I want to add a bone of some sort to control the eyelid. Currently there is no way for me to make an eyelid close over the eye without adding more vertices due to the low cage polygon count. When I try to make an edge loop it reinforces the mesh cage for subsurfacing (like creasing) and makes the subsurfaced stalk ridiculously triangular because of the cage. The triangular deformity is hard to fix because I have already applied the mirror modifier and weight painted much of the character. :eek:

What would probably be the best method of doing this? If there is any way to apply the subsurf to just that section of the mesh (see 4th image) I think that would work in giving some extra vertices. Ideally what I would like is some way to make a new edge loop be in between the subsurfed vertices instead of the caged vertices.

Thanks in advance!

Eye stalk:

Subsurf / mesh cage:

Pseudo cage (triangular button):

Applied Subsurf: