Subsurfacing + Topology Question

Hello, I am modelling a car right now and have got to the stage of adding details such as vents. So far I have been having trouble getting these vents correct using subsurfac divisions. Here is the issue I’m having with the vent. With subsurf turned on it looks like this

As you can see in the vorner of the vent the mesh is sort of jumping the corner, I’d like it to end at the top in a sharp corner. Here is the topology of the vent

Any help will be appreciated.

you just posted the solution in the 3rd image, i dont see issue. if i could have the blend file for further inspection that would be great.

No, the last image is just showing the topology without any subsurf. When I apply the subsurf I get the first image. I can post an example file later tonight

well try turning the quad in the middle into two trists, yes triangles works fine… but again blend file if u want optimal topology. hard to see from those images.

Tried changing the quad into a tri with no luck, here is the blend file

when dealing with sub surface ur already removing one limitation witch is Polycount, dont try to keep it low poly with subsurface. in this kind of modelling that ur doing now id say dont even have tris or ngons, unless u know where its safe, a.e. in areas that has NO deformation what so ever…

notice the topology on yours vs mine, mine might seem like a mess, but every support edge i added is there for a reason. i dont think there is a quick fix to your model, i think you just have the wrong workflow in general.

study my mesh and note down what i did different to you.

take care.

the blend file has 4 layers

  1. your model
  2. my base model
  3. my sub-ready model
  4. both models together for comparing.

Something like this?


none.blend (298 KB)

that works very well too.