Subtle 2d type texturing

I came across this work via blendernation

And I was wondering if anyone had any tips on creating such a scene ? I think the texturing is so nice and I suppose different to the norm I would love to be able to emulate this.


here is the gallery link too

This is just a tut for making 2D sprites and although the sprite is textured in dark solid colors rather than the softer shades in your picture, its a beginning, maybe.

You might do a google advance search on this domain for 2D textures renders shaders or something, while you wait for more responses from the community.

Thanks for the info - there is no link to this tut you talk of ?

shadeless. shadows, small toon edge. soft spot lighting so you dont get harsh shadows.


Ooops, I am really sorry, thats so unlike me:confused:

That site has much more blend info too.