Subtracting objects

I know there has to be an easy way to do this, but I have not found it yet. Anyway, How do you subtract one object from another, such as subtracting a cylinder from a cube, so as to leave a hole through the cube?

There is an easy way… only in Publisher 2.25.

Booleans have been a late addition to blender

1 - SAVE!!!

2 - Select object to subtract FROM

3 - hold shift and select object do BE subtracted to first

4 - both are selected, latter brighter pink

5 - press W KEY

6 - select ‘Difference’

7 - If it worked, ok, otherwise reload…


Well, seems to work, partially anyway. I did that, and then deleted the cylinder, and in wireframe it seems to be fine, but when I shade it, the hole through the middle doesn’t shade right. Even after I did a rem doubles. It is like the face is filled, not sure how to describe it, other than you can tell that something is there, but it doesn’t look like a hole through it.


Actually the Boolean operator creates 1 new mesh and both old stays, so you must delete /move elsewhere BOTH original meshes.

Then it is higly adviceable to recalculate normals outward for both meshes before Boolean operation

Then, you need to remove doubles (you did it9

Then, you should be happy for the bare thing that it didn’t crashed :slight_smile:


That did it! I wasn’t
deletingthe cube, so that explains why the hole didn’t show up!
Thanks for the help!