Suburban Housing


(HelmyArdiansyah) #1

A quick project of townhouse visualization with morning sunshine mood. Created using Blender and post-processed with Affinity Photo. Rendered in 1000 samples for about 1-2 hours each. Graswald was used for grass and dead leaves, and textures are from


Nice! Great looking architecture. Only thing I thought off was that the roofs don’t overhang at all.

(alf0) #3

this is really nice !!!

(LooKahs) #4

Roofs don’t have to overhang provided there’s a concealed gutter. You would however see a wee bit of thickness to it.

Looks very pretty. The floor thickness seems unrealistic at the overhang though. If anything, it would be thicker than normally because of the overhang. … Also the window would have to be a fair bit further off the edge of the wall to allow for the wall’s thickness.

:slight_smile: I’d live there

(HelmyArdiansyah) #5

Thanks! Yes, like what @LooKahs said, it was intentional.

(HelmyArdiansyah) #6

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll keep that in mind for the next project.

(SunBurn) #7

I must admit I’m amazed!!!
One of the best Archviz exterior scenes on the forum.

(HelmyArdiansyah) #8

Thank you very much! I’m really glad you like it.

(Tomáš Luža) #9

Good job there nicely done! How long did whole project take?

(HelmyArdiansyah) #10

Thanks! It is about 4-5 days with 3-4 hours of work each day.

(sharlybg) #11

Featured please this is Pro work !

(Dimitar) #12

As images these are stunning!! Well done!!

As architecture, as @HISEROD mentioned, the roof would either overhang or there would at least be a some type of flashing on either side of the roof. For example as in this image:

Also @LooKahs, if there is a concealed gutter, there would still be a bit of visible flashing, either as the image above, or as in this image:


(Bart Veldhuizen) #13

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(HelmyArdiansyah) #14

Wow! Thanks Bart, it was an honor.

(Okavango) #15

Excellent architecture, followed by equally good archvis, congrats. Bart, If our opinion here matters, would like to suggest this one for the BA top row also.

(Kubo_O) #16

Nice! Very Nice :smiley:

What i dont like:

  • Repeating plants on the left of first render
  • Kind of ugly “curb” on last render
  • Medium quality trees backplates

Overall amazing work :slight_smile:

Btw where did get these hedges? Are these included in “Graswald” pack?

(HelmyArdiansyah) #17

Thanks, the hedges are from

(Gio Byers) #18

As a whole, brilliant scene. I personally think it would be better if you removed the car, it detracts from the scene as a whole, distracting from the rest of the scene. The bike also looks odd.

(Ghaell) #19

Really really nice scene.

How did you make the glass material? Is that just a glossy shader? Looks really nice.

(HelmyArdiansyah) #20

Thanks, for the glass material I use the setup like in the blenderguru’s tutorial and increase the IOR to get more reflection. Don’t forget to set the color to pure white, because the default one is slightly grey.