subway scene

Hi heres a new scene I have been working extremly hard on for the past 4 days its rendered in udk, modeled in blender and textured in photoshop. please comment on things i could do to make it better (or things i have done well) thanks!


more pics:


no comments :frowning: well heres an update:
new lighting
expanded the map
new props, concrete sidewalk, broken metal parts ect
changed train texture
i plan on adding lots of folage around the holes in the roof and on areas that have access to sunlight


I find it hard to comment as I think it looks good, but could be improved, though I don’t really know how :stuck_out_tongue:
One thing that came to mind was these things:

You could break it up by making some of the vertical beams there more damaged/broken.

thanks for the comment! yea i got rid of them entirly in the last image ( looked to photosourced for my liking) but still the concrete blocks that replaced them seem to repeat alot aswell so ill make some beams or something to break them up like you said. thanks again :slight_smile:

I like it a lot. I think your textures are great. Your modeling is fine too. If I were to improve it, I’d mostly do some compositing. Perhaps tweak the lighting, and give it something to focus on, like an old thing lying around. Good scene.

Usually subway trains are a lot longer then that having many cars. There is usually lights on the first Car. That would require a material that has a Emit value and a Glow effect made with nodes. Graffiti would be common on a car like the one you have. The textures in general look noisy and I don’t see much Bump Mapping and or Normal Mapping.

Really nice look, very grungy. But I miss bevels along edges to make it look less like a game model.

thanks for the crits guys :slight_smile: i had abit of free time soo i have a small update


I like how you changed it… Until I saw the last two images, I was going to say to add some trash/items on the floor, but you have done that nicely in the most recent images. Nice job! :slight_smile:

Edit: Where did you get the rust textures? I have needed one in the past, yet haven’t really been able to find a good one…

wow, I think its really incredible how you work! Love the details. You are very talented!