Subway train

Hi everyone

Here’s my first interior render after using blender for half a year.
This is a train I take everyday to go to school. I’ve spent so much time there that I thought I should make a render of it.
I would appreciate some feedback and critique. Really would like to know how to make it better.
At the end of the project I’d like to make a horror animation of a camera passing through the train of some kind.

(1024 samples with Intel denoiser)



Not a lot to critique here, you have done a nice job!

The leather on the seats looks a bit to bumpy, I would tone that down. From recollection and this was a long time ago, the leather on train seats is much smoother and a lot more uniform in colour, this leather looks more like a lounge suite material.

The floor could do with some dirt, maybe even some footprints.

The scene is empty, if you don’t want to add any people, then add some litter and maybe a newspaper.

Some dirt on the windows or maybe a cracked window or two.

But as I said at the outset, nice job.



Hi, Shaun. Thank you very much for speding time on my work. Appreciate your help)

Haven’t done much (big things are toned down bump on the seats and a little bit of dirt on the windows) But I just wanted to show how it looks in different lighting situation. (used hdri from hdrihaven)


Looks incredible. Has to be one of the coolest scenes I’ve come across in a while. Great work!

Any chance you could do a version with the original camera framing and the interior lights on, as well as the hdri lighting?


Wow, thanks very much. For a beginner it’s a pretty surprising thing to hear. I’m glad you liked my work.
Yes, of course I can do that. I’ll post this version of a scene as soon as I have time to do the render.

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It looks actually pretty cool with both hdri and interior lights. I also tweaked a lot of things and added some textures to the materials. Render times increased significantly, i had to use 8 times more samples than the last time! Render times for the animation will be nightmare…


The scene has a ton of depth dude. Great work!

PS: Maybe raising the exposure value will help with render times (it’ll need less samples for the darker areas). Could look nice as well

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Since it’s st. Valentines Day, i made this

Just added glowing text, and some fog (volumes render pretty slowly so I ended up using 16000 samples)

Happy Valentines Day for you all))

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