Here’s a little scene I’m working on… just doing basic modeling for now and trying to get the layout correct (I want both stairs and tracks to be visible), eventually it will be a full subway station.

And some screenshots…

Updates soon…

I hate imageshack…takes for ever to load the images…!!
Sorry random

Looks good…I really like the first image…the Lighting to my favorite!
no crits.sorry

I like it a lot, and look forward to progress. What renderer are you using? Luxrender? Or Indigo? Or one I’ve not heard of?

Edit: Post 600…

For the renders I’m using Indigo.

Another small update, doesn’t look like much changed when looking at the render, but its hard to see the tiles in the picture right now. I put in the basic ceiling and flat walls to get a sense of the room’s size, I still need to add detail to it though. The image quality is also not that great because for some reason it rendered really slow this time:spin:…

(Color coded tiles ;))


Anoother update, fixed the tiles but forgot to fix the ones in the center bench area. Also added tiled parts on the ceiling and added the wall, but the wall still lacks any details.


That’s looking really nice.

Wow this is very nice.

Great images, really!

What do you plan to put on the left side?

Yep it really has a nice atmosphere! Good job so far! One thing Im wondering are the stairs which seems a bit steeply, could this be, or Im more used to german stairs?

JulianH: The subway tunnel, now in the update.
Xray: Might be a bit steep ;), the stairs are at 45 degrees, but I’m not about to change them since I’d have to play around with the array modifiers in the escalator’ steps.

'Nother update, fixed tiles on the center piece, and also added the basic tunnel, although I’m not too happy with it :p. Ignore all lighting, its not final. There are also some artifacts by the stairs and the blue patterns on the wall need to be fixed, they’re not symmetrical.