Suddenly, all the bad luck.

-_- I’m working on my model in blender, I save, restart blender and find out the UV texture I’ve been painting for the last couple of hours did not save. Google search solution, turns out there is no solution, and that blender doesn’t warn of unsaved texturing by design.

Stare intently at my completely black model. Contemplate whether to get furious, decide I’m too tired to even get mad.

Go cook something, hot oil manages to pass my optical defenses and lands in my eye.

Start painting model again, find out that somehow in the span of 20 minute I’ve completely lost all ability to properly paint this thing over again.

I think I’ll go take a nap.

Got to hate when that happens… yeah, the oil thing too, ouch.

I’ve never had that happen so I can’t advise you- my guess, you might double check your save location and see if it’s in there or even pull up an auto-save and see if it still available.

aside from that, wash out the eye-> take a dip in the pool-> eat some chocolate and lay down for 20 minutes (or whenever you wake up) -> eat more chocolate then get back to work

I think with the Uv mapping, you have to save the UV map as a separate image. Blender won’t save it for you.

Yup I was supposed to save the UV texture as an individual image, I really wish it would had gotten cached somewhere or that blender would have warned me (the little asterisk only works if you know to look for it) though.

Maybe someone will make a plugin in the future, something like “WarnUnsavedData” that pops up a message after doing a check on the currently opened file to see if there are any “asterisks” that need to be saved. =)

I’ll go drink some chocolate milk, CLOSE ENOUGH!!

I agree. It has happened to me and I know about the asterisk but its so small you kinda forget about it when you are working.

Working for several hours without saving is in general not a good way to work.

Except he thought that saving the .blend would also save the texture. A logical conclusion.