suddenly blender get out when I try to setting the volume material

I don’t know if it is blender bug or not, and i don’t know where I should post this question (sorry)
well, I just try to run blender 2.78 in my old pc (while my pc still repaired) at windows 7 ultimate and when i try to made texture with voxel data for the domain smoke the viewport of texture is just black and when i press render it just cube and nothing, then I open old blender file which is contain smoke simulation ,fire and include the texture which is voxel data , then i render it is it work fine, the i just compared the setting bitween old file and the new that I just made and it all the same but, i just cannot render the smoke and fire.
well, i just uninstall blender and clean all the blender folder at program file the download blender 2.79 and install it then i try to made blender smoke simulation and then when I want to add change the material for the domain to be volume then set the densty to be lower and slide my mouse the blender is suddenly close. then i just open it again and just change the material of the (you know the cube when you first open the blender) cube to the volume doing the same thing the blender is suddenly close. well if is my commputer or just the blender? if is cannot fix where i could download 2.78 or lowe version
because i had some scene that i should finised, thanks

befor the blender is closed theres message like this

and then it always close when when i try to made volume material

sorry guy’s it’s nt just because the blender error it’s just because the blender cannot identifiy the windows that I use, I just right click on the blender shortcuts and made like this[ATTACH=CONFIG]516631[/ATTACH]