Sugar Plums: What are they?

If your like me, you grew up hearing about sugar plums at Christmas Time, but I started asking around, what are they?:o


That’s all I know.

Although, one would guess that they’re plums from outer space that eat sugar.

Fairies live on them. They get them from the chocolate cat!

Take a plum, dry it in the sun (a prune?), and then soak it in a sugar brine until it resumes its shape. Normally served heated with pudding, in porridge (oatmeal), or in breads as a fruit. Sorta like a raisin on steroids. very sweet. I dunno if that what it really is, but it sounds good.

They are, of course, the things which dance around in your head on christmas eve. Oatmeal is a type of porridge, but you can use corn, oats, wheat, rice, etc to make a porridge. I like corn mush. God, I’m pedantic.

Ha, so you just totally made that up? If you did that’s hilarious!!

[Sorry for the pointless post.]

Edit, seeing what squiggly_p wrote… maybe you were’nt making it up… but that’s the impression I got from your last sentence…
screw this post… ;^)

I really have no idea if that’s what a sugarplum is or not. I was just expanding on the porridge comment. For all I know a sugarplum is some new pop band.