Suggestion: User-base upgrade for 2.5

Hi all,

I’ve read some rather cynical remarks on this forum lately about the Blender user base lagging behind the software development. At least they seemed cynical to me until I looked at myself: drooling over 2.5 news, checking the forums day after day, and yet not exactly competent when it comes to fluid dynamics, softbodies, proper rigging, texture painting, physical simulations, various kinds of baking, and, and, and…you get the idea. I wonder if I’m even a User 2.0 yet.

I hear we’ve got a few more months to wait for the big 2.5 release, so I have a suggestion for myself, and for anyone else who feels they may be in similar shoes. There is one upgrade the coders cannot give Blender, but we most certainly can. How about a little push during the coming months to upgrade ourselves to competence with some of the functionality we’ve let slide? I’m sure most of us have some area we could stand to improve in. And if not…you are a User 2.5, and therefore exempt from this post.

I think rigging and animation is what I need to tackle first. How about you?


i say this community needs some more competitions that have got prises such as for an example bassams new dvd! :smiley:

yeah, I fall into that trap, testing scripts takes up time,
time that could be used for better skills.
although to test many scripts I need to learn the functions they work with.
atm i’m converting 1000+ models to blender format,:spin:
it’s going to take a couple of months,
at least I’ll know how to import objects.:stuck_out_tongue:
on the other hand testing new features from svn or other graphicall patches/builds
is a good way to keep up to date with changes before they make it to the official build.
also the wiki tutorials are well worth checking out.
One hand on the mouse, One hand on the Keyboard.
Remember there’s always a few methods to achieve similar results so wiki tutorials can provide you with much great information & a wider skill set.

Agreed, but in the meantime I decided that I will finally get my stuff together and start pushing my abilities a far as I possibly can with what little time I have. I am doing a few comps on different forums just to show that blender is a force to be reckoned with.:cool:

But I think my biggest distraction is always reading the threads that pop here everyday. Trying keep up on the info, is not bad, but it does distract one from getting work out.

Speaking of such I’m off see ya!

One thing you’ll run into is the fact that Blender is getting so deep and broad that the number of people who can really master the whole thing will be very small. As it grows and matures, you’ll see people really specializing like they do with other apps.

btw – Meta-Androcto, I just discovered your material library. Sweet, and a real time saver. Thanks for the time you spent putting that together.

haha, soooo true! :slight_smile: thats why i generally aren’t very active on the irc! :smiley:

I haven’t done much of anything with fluid dynamics or physics sims. I have been working a lot with rendering (internal and external ) and materials. I’ve contributed a few efforts to the materials repository. I’ve also had a good play with the (old) particles system while trying to get a decent rocket engine effect.

I think I got too entrenched with the old materials system and as a result I’ve had some problems learning the new nodes system.

A good recap of where we are now would be a good idea.

I think you can do it automatically…

Speak for yourself:rolleyes:

And if not…you are a User 2.5, and therefore exempt from this post.



The thing is, Daniel Hudd, that Blender upgrades don’t cost anything except a little download time, while upgrading the user base is very expensive.:wink:

Ouch! But oh how true… I am speaking for myself by the way:(

I would venture the opinion that classical art practice might benefit over simple adeptness with features.

And right you are…! :slight_smile:
By learning the actual human anatomy you will be able to actually model the human body,
by learning about lighting and compositing you works will be so much more plesant to the eye, and etc. :slight_smile:

I’m taking a few extra vacation days after the New Year holiday specifically to spend some quality time learning (and relearning) Blender. I’m so behind, I haven’t even learned to use nodes yet.


FelixKutt:“And right you are…! :slight_smile:
By learning the actual human anatomy you will be able to actually model the human body,”

That’s exactly what I’m doing! :smiley: