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Hi i m jack,

I want to buy a new laptop and want to drawup my interest on apple. I’m confused which one should I choose?

Should I go for Powerbook(powerpc IBM) or for MacBookPro (dual core INTEL) ?

Suggestions on this topic will be appreciated Suggestions Neeed…
26-Oct-06 06:55
by jack19 Suggestions Needed…
26-Oct-06 06:46
by jack19


Valarking, I’d like to be like you when I grow.

No you don’t :wink:

Do not get a powerbook under any circumstances. Even a Macbook is faster than a powerbook.

I benchmarked my Intel Mini against my old powerbook and the Mini was 4 times faster. This was CPU-wise. In terms of graphics, the powerbook couldn’t play Quake 4 on lowest settings even though it had a dedicated Geforce GPU but the Mini could with integrated graphics and with shadows on.

The G4 chips are very slow compared to the dual core Intels.

If you’re prepared to use a powerbook, you might want to consider the Macbook over the Macbook Pro given that it’s still faster. CPU-wise, the Macbook and Macbook Pro are about the same. The biggest difference is the GPU but like I say, the Intel GMA isn’t actually that bad if you get enough Ram (it can play Half-Life 2 at medium). The Macbook also has a magnetic latch and a nice design for replacing hard drive and Ram.

The glossy display on the Macbook might annoy you though.

Other reasons for getting an Intel are that they can boot from USB hard drives, they can triple boot and virtualize Linux and Windows so you can never come across a piece of software that you won’t be able to run somehow, you get integrated isight cameras and magnetic power cords.

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