Suggestions on background/world

I am modeling this sofa for my film crew’s logo, Red Sofa Productions, hence the red sofa. I’m looking for something interesting but extremely simple to use for the background/floor/world, etc. but that won’t take away any attention from the couch.

Any comments on the sofa are welcome, of course. (I wasn’t going for an accurate couch, just something that seemed right, and this did.)

EDIT: (link to newer image below)

A wall with a window to one side or the other. You could have the sun come up and lighten the scene: fade from black.

I like your sofa. The cushions stick out way to far.

Nice work, original name,

Thanks so much zog34. (That’s original, too)

Here is a fixed version. The cushion length has been shortened, the back-cushion heighth has been increased, and on each cushion and on the front of the sofa I manually, and ever-so-slightly, misplaced each of the vertices, so with the massive sub-division, it gives it a much softer, more realistic look and feel.

Again; Thank you.

EDIT: (new render link below)

No window? It’s a very nice couch.

(All I would do is add a cube and delete four sides leaving something under the couch and something behind it, blast a hole in the wall behind it and put in a really basic window.) Just me though.

I look forward to seeing the finished product. (Anim, still?)


oh yeah, yeah, wall, window + anim to come, I was just fixing the sofa.

Oh, sorry bout that.:slight_smile:

no big deal, i’ll post results within the next few days. be sure to check back.

Nice couch, but I’d decrease the texture a little on the front, as it looks a bit rough.

For the background I’d possibly have the couch up against the corner of a wall (possibly with a simple wall paper like stripes) and have something possibly like a painting hanging on the wall, or a window.

Or it could even have a painting of the couch on the wall!

In my opinion, for a logo that’s enough. No need for a background!
Maybe try a different camera angle and add a small item such as a book on the couch or a decorative plant.
My advice is to keep it simple and clean.

Thanks everyone.

I’ll take everything into consideration and hopefully come up with some results by the end of today.


i really like the idea of leaving it simple, let me throw a book or something in and see what i get

new render with reflective wood floor and stripe/design-y wallpaper.

also added AO just to see what it would do. wow. That makes a lot of difference.

see ya…


Looking good, but the wallpaper looks too glary in the middle.

Also, I agree with Charlesworth999, because if this is just for a Logo, keep it clean. I think the couch left completely how was orginally would be best for a logo.

For a picture, more would be needed, but this is only a logo, and a Logo should always be very simple, eyecatching, and memorable.

Hope that helps.

It just got way too complex. The logo is about Red Couch Productions. Not about a red sofa on a wood floor with tacky wall-paper (really, that stuff is bad; lol!).

You got something good going here. If you can somehow wash out all the color except for the sofa you might have something.

(I still think it should be a window in the BG):stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for all your comments and suggestions. I’ve decided to heed your advice and keep it clean, but should i have a white floor so the sofa can cast shadows, or should it be JUST the couch?

Again; thanks…

I just rendered a new one with just a white (and slightly tinted yellow) world and floor just to catch shadows. but then i noticed some modeling errors, as circled in the image. They look like folds, but they’re actually holes. I’ll fix em and post back later…

render with holes

OK, just fixed the holes. It was a simple mistake in the modeling phase.

So do you guys think I should model the words Red Sofa Productions and have them sitting on the couch, or around it, or do you think I should just type them in, or have no letters at all.

A definate plus in modeling the words is that they would be available for animation (i.e. - falling words onto couch).

(I guess this really belongs in the WIP section, doesn’t it? But still, this is a very important peice of art, as it will probably be used for a long time as the company logo.)

Thanks so much guys…

new render

I suggest just having typed, neat letters in a modern font below the couch.

Looks good by the way!

Sorry for the couple of days of absence; I went home to dial-up. My dorm has dsl.

Anywhoo, I’m really leaning towards 3D letters so they can have textures and cast shadows. But, for the sake of the image, typed letters may be best. I’ll do both, and see what you guys think.