Suggestions on how to model a motorcycle tire

I have been pulling my hair to model this tire. I would normally model a section and do a circular array, but this one has a pattern which has a lot of overlaps, so can’t get the segments to align, Have tried making a single segment, but it is too long in the Y axis to bend in the X. I’ve tried using a torus so it has the bend ready-made and carving out a segment of tread, but that totally messes the curve up.

I’ve pretty much decided to use a normal map, but would be very interested to see whether anyone can suggest a method of modelling it.tyres1

This is your pattern if that helps:

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…and here’s a video to help along with moonboots’ image!

What you could do is:

Follow the shapes with some extrusions, bevel and move down the slots, give your object a curve (to round it) + array (to duplicate) + simple deform (bend mode, so that it rotate 360°) + subsurf modifiers.

It was tedious to get a “good” topology but I’m not sure there’s a easy way (or you could just use bump which would be much faster)

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Hi guys and thanks for the advice:)

My apologies for the delay in responding - been having bad weather and worse internet service!

That is very neatly done, moonboots - as you say, keeping good topology is a real mission. Just for the heck of it, I tried making the indent patterns using Bezier curve, bevelling, cutting off the tops to make channels and connecting with bridging. Looked very promising, but the topology is a nightmare. Would probably work with Booleans, but it would be a massive task to get the topology right for bending and smoothing.

Guess I’ll admit defeat and go for the bump option.

@graeme_h - thanks for the link - that is what I would normally do, except I use a circular array. I find that fine-tuning the number of repeats and the angle of rotation give finer control.

I’ve edited my picture, having a good topology was tough but I succeeded much better than yesterday, actually a grid would make that more complicated. Just make sure that the bottom vertices line fits with the top one so that the array works

No problem at all. So nice to have people appreciate responses.

Good luck and hope to see what the end result is like

Be safe