Suggestions on model

I’ve been working on this model for a character. (It is a child, so proportions may look odd)z
So basically I’m not too happy with everything. The eyes, nose and mouth look a bit too high up on the head and the lips don’t look right. I don’t really want to re-do the character, So I was wondering if anyone had any tips and edits I could make.
Here is the model, and the one next to it is what I’m going for:

Here is the file containing what I’ve done so far if anyone wants to have a look at it and see if there is any problems with it:
girl.fbx (166.2 KB)

You may want to do a little re-search on drawing reference head child and may compare to something like this:

… you do use another model as reference ?? … Don’t do this. Even those drawing guides sometimes are… strange… so maybe look for some photos…

… on the other hand: you maybe just modeling an alien ??? :crazy_face:

This may be a bit too much… (Attention: human bones and possible naked skin approaching…)

but here you can see how much the human skull do bulb out… and where not…

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Im not modelling an alien

Yep sorry… humans are hard to make… :wink:

Seconded - it’s almost impossible to get good looking results this way unless you’re just retopologizing the mode directly. Which, you could do, that would work :slight_smile: otherwise, yeah, get some good front and side references