Summer flowers

Hi everybody,

I am beginner modeler and I made a scene with some flowers based on the tutorial in the YouTube. I would love to get some constructed feedback.

Cheers, Jax

:slight_smile: This is very nice!
What would not be a bad idea is a little transparency added. And please, look at the flower phoro - there must be at least a little gloss. Now they look too diffuse.
Also, they seem to lack stems.

Thank you for the feedback!

I actually do have a little bit of gloss in there already, but I wanted to put it very minimal to avoid the “plasticy” feeling. I maybe could bump it up a little, that’s true.

I also have a little bit of translucency in place but maybe it’s not very visible. I tried to bump the translucency effect up but it destroyed the procedural textures and the variation in color what I have. So I don’t know how to do it. I tried with darker gray but and it keeps the color variation but then I cannot detect the effect of the translucency. :slight_smile: Transparent shader looks really bad and not realistic at all (at least to my eye).

Stems: yes. They aren’t there. :frowning: I tried to do them but they came out so wrong I decided not to put them in place. Maybe I give another go later with a fresh pair of eyes and brain.

Here’s the node setup, if you detect anything I could use for translucent effect, please guide me :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jax