summer leftovers


This is my first ‘finished’ project thread, and it’s not finished, or even a project.

But, since I’ve decided to do something for the blending life contest, I’ve been thinking about what to do with a couple of heads I’ve spent the summer working on; and I’ve come to the conclusion that calling them finished (abandoned) is the best thing to do.

So, here they are:

Also, there’re some test videos I’ve made along the way:



Wonderful, five stars from me!

/ Mats

Excellent work, the hair demo animation is amazing!

I didn’t know Blenders hair system could be simulated so effectively. The head models are impressive as well, i like the third from the left one, something about the tone of grey makes it look right.

Thanks for the comments guys!

I’ve had a hard time trying to set the softbody for the hair at first, it always looked like rubber, but a look into the wiki showed me where I went wrong. Here are some links that helped me:

About the other head, now it looks a bit like a mix between the third and the fourth one.