Summerhouse H - Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Quite chalenging to visualize wavy foam bubble in the foregound of this project.
Render using Cycles at 1500 samples


Nice lighting! Is this sky from HDRI or is it photo backplate added in post production?

About foam - maybe making some bubbles but in 3D would make it better, more spatial? With 2.82 there’s mantaflow and option to add bubble particles.
Or more simple way - adding in post subtle foam from 2D texture / photo.

Nice work !
Possible to have a little making-off of this scene ? :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

It’s just post pro backplate, for the actual lighting I use only bg color+ sun in blender.

Thanks for your advice but I’ve tried mantaflow, for this case(large scale fluid) it doesnt seems worth it for the baking time. hahahah :rofl:

Sure next time If I have a free time :smiley:

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Thanks :wink:
Best way to improve :wink: