Sun lamp can't be moved?

I haven’t yet found any documentation that shows me how to move the sun lamp. When I add a sun lamp, it illuminates my earth globe from straight over the north pole. I can move the sun lamp object itself, but the sunshine continues to pour straight down on Santa Claus…

How do I move the place the “sun” light emanates from?

Thank you,

Clinton Crowley
Fort Worth, Texas

P.S.: My blend file is a bit too large to upload, so just imagine an earth globe with a sun lamp shining down from the north pole. Santa Claus is not actually visible…


The position of sun lamps doesn’t make any difference to the illumination they cast. Only their orientation is important. Try rotating your sun lamp.

Yes… probably you will think “what a stupid lamp” but they are really useful for casting an overall directional light over a whole scene. Trying to light a whole scene with spotlights would take many lights, have patchy results and would be difficult to make lighting changes (colour, brightness etc).