Sun visibility


Is it possible to show sun with sky or with HDRI? I’d like to add some sunstars with glare, but there is no sun visible.

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Ok, as visibility of lamps can’t be turned on, I’ve tried adding small sphere to simulate sun. It needs to have 9m diameter when 1km away. But performance is really worse then direct sun lamp (about 2 times). So maybe there is way just to show sphere but make it to not emit light just for compositing?

If you want to render and use that sun (sphere) in compositing and not affecting (lighting) the scene with it i would suggest you put tha sphere on separate layer. From other layers exclude the layer with sphere.

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In the meantime I’ve found ray option for geometry, just leave camera ray on and turn off the rest. But I know nothing about excluding layers, can you provide link with workflow?

Hope this helps.