Sunday morning

Hi guys!!
I had a good mood one weekend and came up with the image :slight_smile:


nice as always! i have tried this many times, and always fail! maybe 4 stars…yea, 4 stars.

it looks really nice, the only thing that bothers me is how the tablecloth wraps around the corner of the table. It should be more like this:

Nice work but as morio stated the tablecloth doesn’t act realistically around the corners and is it me or the texture doesn’t meet up correctly (front side and top) ?

Thanx guys for your crit-s and complements. Here is an updated version. I sorted out the table cloth an changed a few stuff including the camera angle.


More coments? :slight_smile:

Maybe try render a large image and turn down the oversampling a little. Something about the picture frame doesn’t look right. It’s the most noticeably fake thing in the picture. - the texture and the way it’s standing, looks like it’s floating.