Sunday night pool

Im starting to work with depth of field. Let me know what you think, every advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Render at 120 samples with resolution 1280x1024.

i think the depth of field is too shallow. It makes the table look like a miniature.
Also the cushions seem to be very high. It looks as the balls could almost fit under them.

So maybe adjust the scaling a bit, other than that, a good solid image!

As someone who spent some time at the table, first thing catching attention is that roughness on the balls looks to high.

DOF must be one, but not the only one element of the picture that drives the eye of the beholder.
For this reason you have to make it consistent with the whole composition to prevent that the eye of the beholder is distracted by the other elements of the scene.
IMO there are too much random positioned balls and the cue stick seems clearly to drive the eye to the white ball that is positioned right at the end of it.

As for materials you have a lot to work on (if you want to achieve photorealism).

Thanks (wiem że anglojęzyczne forum ale dziękuję za opinię :))

Thanks for your complex response.
ps. thats what i like about this forum is the kindness of the users :slight_smile:

Intteressant scene, the composition could surely look a bit different, Because its hard to focus on the clear point ( or center DOF point )

Some examples

One more example, the focus is on the “ball who should be attained”… This image tell you imediately, what is the focus point of you and him.

As for the shaders, if you look at them… it work a bit as carpaint: multi layers… ( glossy coating )