sunflow mac help !

Hi there everyone, I really need help on how to install this Python Script & teaching me in doing my first render, I hope you can help me asap, thank you.

why would U use Sunflow?

Why not Yafaray - it seem more modern and up-to-date.

I like how sunflow render shading is ( seems flexible ) . Now can someone please teach me !

Shader info here:

sunflow shader info

I have everything setup, now when I press the image button nothing happens, please help !

Mornings Jenifer

Just noticed that last screenshot shows the script did not find the Sunflow Render engine.

Quick suggestion would be to download from Graphicall various versions of 2.53 [1 at a time] copy out the scripts to the rght folders then copy them into the rigt place as you try each one. It could well be that the Python API changed after the 12Aug10 which is what is causing you the greif - its a common problem at the moment.

Happy Blending

I tried all of them & they all just wont run, to begin with.

Are you sure you’re targeting the right path? I never used Sunflow, but I could imagine you’d need to target and not the folder.

Please help !