Here’s my attempt at a sunflower. I know the stem needs to be lengthened, but other than that, he it is.

Good job.

I have a few suggestions. I’m not entirely sure what I’m talking about so…

Try making the center orange and have it taper to a yellow. Many sunflowers have this characteristic.

Try adding some yellow reflection. If you using cycles, the shadowed parts should have some yellow tint. Adding a reflection node or adding color correction might help make the overall picture look better.

Try adding a stronger light but at a further distance. This should help keep the scene bright but not overload the side the light is coming from.

Did you follow the Nature Academy tutorial on this? Looks good…I would darken the bud some more, and maybe add some displacement to the pedals.

I did not use the Nature Academy. If you notice the spiral in the center, you can see that’s not what Andrew did. Here’s an updated one.

It could use some Subsurface Scattering.

looks good although aren’t the center of sunflowers usually black?