'Sunken Temple' underwater scene done with volumetrics.

Hi All!
Here is a realistic underwater scene that I would like to show off as well as show a little bit how I achieved the underwater look for the image.

‘Sunken Temple’
Higher Rez version
Based off the submerged temple at the bottom of lake Titicaca. It is also

Maybe this wont actually help anyone but here we go…

First off here are the temple models used in the image:


Bull Statue + Pillars

For the block shapes that make up the pillars and steps I just used one cube that had the texture space set to ‘global’ on the displacement modifier. That made it so I hardly had to do any modeling while still getting fairly randomized results.

I used the same displacement modifiers on the Bull to get the cracks and gashes. Then I used the ‘pointiness’ output in the geometry node for the bulls material to accentuate the sculpt and cracks.

Then there was the ocean floor.

This was pretty simple. I actually used all regular grass assets plus one sea floor looking plant.

If you have questions post away