Sunlight / Character Realistic Renders

Hey all, someone asked if I could do a render showcasing bright, sunny lighting conditions. I did struggle with this, and I’m not totally happy with these, but happy enough to post for your comments.

These are all Cycles, w/3000 samples.

Also, here’s a Screen Recording of the viewport and smooth shaded/wire model in Blender:


Her expression in #003 made me laugh.

The sunlight looks great! However I still see the “camera flash frontal lighting,” which to me looks better in a darker environment like in your previous renders.


uhmmm… there is space for improvements.
the model of the girl still great, the same for poses and facial expressions.

My suggestions are these:

  • as suggested by other user, the “camera flash lighting” is faking everthing and ruins the overall lighting. in my opinion you should get off the frontal lighting or strongly reduces it and you should play with the exposure of the whole scene. For example you should get a really bright external environment if you correctly expose the girl.
  • the realism of the room and furniture and objects should be improved. Try to use better textures .
    Fixed these, the images will gain in quality
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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

I like to see that in your sss configuration you are not using sss map to define areas with higher or lower sss, a poorly defined sss map can give flat difusse and unnatural skin areas, you can see in courses like “the queen of pride"and” " Liu yifei likeness as Mulan for Photorealistic rendering" they don’t use sss map and the result is awesome but they use randomwalk, are you currently using Christensen Burley sss? It would be nice to see a comparison between the two.

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The hair and small little imperfections on the skin are just unreal! I’m really curious where this is going. Animation would be sick!