sunny island

This is a 3D sceene, made in blender 2.58, and blenders internal rendering engine…

i made this from my head… entirely… i appreciate feedback so don’t be shy :evilgrin:

edit new render:

edit 2 animation:

Igor, this is very cool, a ako smem to da kazem i na Srpskom jeziku, vrlo cool! LOL!

Тhank you mate , i appreciate your comment :slight_smile: … soon more renders will be posted, using perspektive camera, since these are made with orthocam

Хвала ти другар, хехе… поставићу ускоро ја још који рендер :slight_smile: ови рендери су рађени орто камером, а сада ћу неке из персп да шибнем :slight_smile: хвала за комент:)

Very nice style, cool colors and fine models! Well done.

thank you very much for such kind comment :slight_smile: … here is the third screenshot i edited the first post so people can see all three instantly :slight_smile:

nice job :slight_smile: only thing that stuck out to me is the cup. Did you forget to hit smooth? :wink: its noticable mostly in the 3rd image. if you left it on purpose thats fine too.

I love it, it’s very different :smiley:

Nice job! :smiley: I really like the oversize bananas and coconuts hanging from the trees. The only thing that looked a little off to me is the banana hanging in midair in the first and second images. I guess it is supposed to be falling? Overall, really great job, great cartoon style feel to the image. :cool:

hey thanks for the feedback i appreciate that really… well i didnt forget smooth i wanted it too look like that buut other people seems to notice lack of smooth on some other objects , as well as too real coconut texture etc :slight_smile: so i decided to fix that, and i already did that, and soon i will post new screenshot :slight_smile: thanks for commenting once again, im pleased with your feedback:)

hehe im glad you liked it :slight_smile: … and that banana is falling from the tree, at least that was my idea, since i didnt planned to make animation for it, actualy i did but, something like just camera fly trough the scene :slight_smile: … my next render will certainly going to me much better then these anyway :slight_smile: thanks for commenting mate, cheers :slight_smile:

Btw, I think your island needs something like this.

yea :slight_smile: good idea :slight_smile: but i wont use that model, since i created all by myself i will try to create something from my head … i already created new model of dolphin :slight_smile:

Excellent work,i like that cartoonish style :wink: !!!

thank you very much mate :slight_smile: here is the animation that i managed to make with that sceene :slight_smile:

pretty smooth camera movement. I like it. Neat water texture too. How long did this take you?

about week to model, and week to render it :slight_smile: