Sunrise [animation : Updated 30th ]


I’ve seen many people working on getting nice sea scenes and I thought it could be a good exercice to get back into blending new stuff and finishing others. Here’s a picture:

On the page linked bellow, in the text box you’ll find a link to the animation of the sunrise, and a link to the blend file for those who like fiddling with blend files!

BTW: there’s some things I’d like to change, like fresnel i forgot to set correctly. For this, multi-channel (layer, pass etc…) rendering would be cool, cause each frame takes quite long to render… oh well…


Hi Dani,

Beautiful picture! Its got real warmth, and I love the way the sky, horizon and land all blend (no pun intended :P) together. Checked the animation, and thats looking good also. The transitions are done well, except I would make the dark to light transition a bit longer to give the eye a chance to adjust (hope that makes sense lol :))

Would like to see more of this and how you did it please!


That is beautiful! However I don’t like the fade to blue at the end. It happens much too fast.

Also thanks for sharing your blend file. I shall definately spend some time studying it.

Excellent work!

That is extremely pretty. Colours are wonderful, water looks nice and glassy. Must check out the .blend, soon…
I agree the transition is too fast though, you don’t get to see the blue for long enough. Other than that it looks perfect.

man, that’s awesome! i must take a look at the blend, it’s priceless!



Thanks for the kind comments ! :]

Thanks! Yeap, I might retry the initial darkness… I’m not really good at timing stuff. Did you check the .blend? If it’s not explicit enough I can try to make a tutorial.

You’re right! I completely messed up with the final blue! It was supposed to be full daylight, but I put that up at 1:30 a.m and put it to render… the whole stuff took 8 hours to render so when I saw how bad was the final blue, I convinced myself that it wasn’t so bad, just extremely cold :] If i redo a rendering, I’ll change that blue (should do it a lot whiter), I might be able to change this in postpro… but I’ve got no post pro software! :]

Rhysy 2:
Thanks a lot! Ah, the timing! me has an idea! I have two computers! I can redo the animation and share the computing over both! 8)

Thanks man! if you have a question concerning the .blend, just ask here, it’ll be a pleasure to answer!

I will update this with a new render surely tomorrow!


i dug up through the UV mapped, scaling potato which was there to make the black night transition fade out as I suppose, i went through dynamically offsetting two layers of clouds AND offsetting marble procedural texture which displaced the water plane to make the wave effect, but how this light constraint and the empty sum up with this? What’s it’s purpose?



:] I hope you liked it!

Yes, the UVmapped sphere is a stencil for the sky. The white part is transparent and lets the sky reflect on the water. I couldn’t find out how to do this without using a sphere.

So the empty and the light are remnants of some experimenting I had done to stencil the sky using the sun-lamp’s rotation… that’s the whole story :smiley: just forgot to delete them, since I used the UVed sphere instead.

I think all should work fine if you delete them. I think the sun light doesn’t get through the UVsphere because it isn’t oriented correctly.
What could be done is to boost up the hemilight towards the end of the sunrise… I need to fix that blue too!

Hello! As I promised, i reworked the transitions. I think it’s much better now.

while I was at it, I tackled the water’s fresnel and the sky’s clouds.

here’s the link:

if direct linking doesn’t work, try copy/paste

TIP: on full screen it’s quite relaxing :wink: Now the major thing needed is a softer ending…


I just noticed that waves should go the same direction as clouds do… lol :smiley:


fast reflexes :smiley:

The first image is so beautiful … [dreaming of being there…on a beach or in a boat] :wink:
Thanks for sharing the blend.