Another Pic i made in the last Weeks. I’d already shown it in the W.I.P, but i found nothing i could add or change, so i finished it. Here’s the latest render. Took about 10 Minuten to Render. Postproduction with GIMP.

It could be a little bit brighter. Other then that looks great. Is this all modeled or is there a matte painting, background photo or something in there?

Wow that definitely looks great although like musk said it could be a little brighter, and again like musk said, how much of it is 3d ?

I demand a wallpaper-scale version! Pretty please? :slight_smile:

Sweet (how long for modeling and how long 4 render?)

awesome! great work

Thank you :slight_smile:

Everything is 3D, except the Birds and the Trees in the Background, they’re just a plance with an Alpha-Map. Took about 10 Minutes to Render, and i worked on it 6-8 hours…

nice job man. I dont think it needs more light. Suits the mood. Keep it up!

I remember this in the W.I.P forum. Looks really good man! Great job!!!

brillant, this is probably one of the better pieces of art i have ever seen in this forum. 5 stars from me

Very nice, the color looks good :yes:, and the water looks perfect :cool:.
Great image :)!

awsome stuff! I’ll give you five stars!

just beautttiiiiiiifffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuul? luv the mood but it could be more aptly title sunset. makes me think of old simple days…

Very nice work! It is just a bit too dark IMO but I like it!